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Products for Sale
 Title    Date Posted    Price    Category
Algebra for students   May 7th, 2009   $120.00   Books
Lexus IS   May 7th, 2009   $20000.00   Cars
TOUCH SCREEN UNLOCKED PHONE CELL I9 AT&T T-MOBILE   May 7th, 2009   $200.00   Cell Phones & PDAs

Wanted Products
 Title    Date Posted    Price    Category
Catana 431 Catamaran Norfolk VA LOW RESERVE   May 7th, 2009   $200000.00   Boats
DELL LATITUDE D600   May 7th, 2009   $275.00   Computers & Networking
SCHWINN S2132WM MANTA RAY   May 7th, 2009   $1000.00   Cycling

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